The Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

GCS, in collaboration with the Innovation Hub (iHub), is organizing the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge to attract delegates with innovative ideas for entrepreneurship which would address prevalent societal issues and problems.

GCS 2015 is a novel conference being organised in partnership by St. Xavier's College, the University of British Columbia and leading Consultancy firms McKinsey & Company and Deloitte. The conference's uniqueness is that GCS delegates albeit following normal Model UN rules, will be working towards creating sustainable inter-disciplinary solutions in a continuous, simulated, ‘crisis’ environment.

The iHub aims to maximise students' potential and foster creativity by providing a platform where they get to interact and engage with organizations and entrepreneurs giving yeoman service to society and raising the bar of innovation. We aim to encourage student participation in the field of innovation and help tomorrow's citizens as they take their baby steps to start their own business and social ventures.

The world today needs Tri-sector leaders, individuals who can overcome disciplinary boundaries and create solutions across Business, Government and Non-Profit sectors and thus the entire conference will be structured around this philosophy, as will the SEC.

The SEC will take place over 2 rounds – the elimination round and the finals. The delegates participating would be expected to submit a business proposal, which while aiming at tackling a pertinent social issue, would be sustainable as well as profitable.

No. of Participants: 1-4 individuals in a team
Teams can signup and submit their SEC Proposal document on our registration portal

Registration Portal

The Elimination Round:

The elimination round will be in the form of an online proposal submission. The following must be kept in mind while preparing the proposal:

1. The proposal must clearly outline the social issue being addressed. The historical background of the issue, the current socio-economic and political pertinance of the issue as well as the future relevance of the same.

2. The proposal must move on to outline the business plan for tackling the said issue. This business plan must include, amongst other details, a tentative budget, infrastructure requirements, and capital requirements to implement the business idea.

3. In the proposal, the role of the government as well as NGO’s, if any, must also be highlighted.

The proposal should be maximum 4000-5000 words. The final date for the submission of the same is 27th January, 2015.

The Finals:

The final round of the SEC is scheduled to take place on one of the days of the GCS, i.e. either 13th, 14th or 15th February, 2015. Shortlisted teams would be expected to make a presentation on their proposal. This presentation must be 15-20 minutes long, following which teams will be questioned on their business plan by the judges. Participants would be judged on the plausibility and creativity of their plans, as well as on their ability to answer the judges’ questions.